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  • Available in 150ml and 473ml
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Speedball Printmasters Relief Inks are designed for printmakers who wish to print from their linocuts or blocks in process colours. The range includes White and the two Process shades (Yellow and Magenta). Colours are available in 150ml tubes and 473ml tubs.

Water-based, non-toxic and fully archival, these inks are compatible with all Speedball water-based block printing inks. They have a viscosity similar to oil-based inks, but can be cleaned up with just water.

The range also includes two printing mediums. For an extended range of colours, Speedball Printmasters Extender can be used to thin colours without altering their consistency or tack, while Speedball Printmasters Retarder can be used to slow the drying time of the ink while maintaining its viscosity.


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