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Drawing Dramatic Landscapes explores exciting new ways of using graphite, charcoal and mixed media to create dramatic landscape drawings, under the expert tutelage of Robert Dutton.

The Innovative Artist series provides a unique insight into the methods and materials used by leading contemporary artists who are pushing the boundaries of their art. Through numerous examples of the author’s work alongside practical demonstrations, each book provides a fascinating exploration of the artist’s creative process, inspiring the reader to move forward on their own artistic journey.

This book is aimed at artists who wish to explore new ways of using a variety of drawing media to create striking, dramatic landscapes. Author and artist Robert Dutton uses his expressive, loose style of drawing and painting to capture, with great emotion, the power and drama of the landscape. Robert combines media such as liquid graphite, inks, metallic inks, charcoal and water-soluble painting and drawing pastels, and also experiments with collage work.

Predominantly focusing on working in black and white, Drawing Dramatic Landscapes explores basic drawing techniques using a limited range of media, then introduces new techniques and products as the reader progresses. This is a highly instructive guide to the techniques Robert himself uses, with numerous exercises and larger step-by-step projects throughout the book showing how he works. Alongside these are numerous examples of the author’s finished artworks accompanied by informative captions explaining the methods used to create them, thereby providing both instruction and inspiration.

Robert often works outdoors from life, later finishing his artwork in the studio. His work is both achievable and aspirational, making this a highly attractive book for established artists who wish to gain insight into the work of their contemporaries who are experimenting with new and innovative techniques.

For 30 years Robert had an extensive career as a professional graphic designer and illustrator. Robert now works as a fine artist and tutor, winning regular art awards for his distinctive and expressive style of work in numerous international competitions.

Paperback: 160 pages

ISBN 13/EAN: 9781782217589

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