Charbonnel : Lithographic Pencil : No 5 : Extra Soft : Box of 12




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These lithographic pencils are used to draw onto a lithographic stone alongside or in place of Lithographic Ink (Tusche.) Lithographic pencils are available in several forms and degrees of hardness.  The very soft pencils (no.5 for example) produce rich, smoky black lines, the harder ones (containing less grease) produce the lighter and finer tones. The hardest grade pencils can be sharpened with a pencil sharpener or a polisher. Lithographic crayons are also used in etching. 

This box contains 12 x No 5 (Extra Soft) Lithographic Pencils


Product Code RCHLP512
AU Stocked Range Yes
To Use With Lithography
Size Pen/Pencil
Barcode 3013643311355
Transparency N/A
Colour Lightfast N/A


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