Arta : Air Dry Clay : 500g : Terracotta




  • Highly malleable air-drying clay
  • Hardens naturally when exposed to air
  • Soft, fine texture
  • Water can be added for ease of use
  • Nylon-free


Arta Air Dry Clay is a soft, fine texture air-drying clay made from mineral and water-based materials. Highly malleable, it can be formed by hand or used with moulds, stamps, and clay cutters.

Arta Air Dry Clay hardens naturally when exposed to air and does not require a kiln. Depending on the size of the piece, drying will occur within hours or days. Water can be added for ease of working. The clay does not contain nylon fibres and so will have minimal dragging when cutting.

Store Arta Air Dry Clay in the supplied airtight container to prevent drying. Partially dried clay can be made workable again by wrapping it in a damp cloth overnight. Cleanup with soap and water. May stain clothing or surfaces.

Arta is a range of moderately priced, good quality colours and artist accessories that are suitable for beginners who require great value art materials.

Please note, this product is not suitable for children under 36 months.


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