Atelier : Interactive : Artists' Acrylic Paint : 80ml : Cobalt Blue Hue

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Chemical Description: Mixed Pigments
Pigment Type: Mixture of Inorganic Ultramarine Blue and Titanium White with organic Pthalo Blue
Lightfastness: 1
Permanency: Excellent
Pigment Strength: Strong
Color Index Name: PB 29, PW 6, PB 15.3
Opacity or Transparency: Fairly Opaque

Cobalt Blue Hue is a Series 2 semi-transparent color. It has a masstone of a deep purple blue, with a rich blue undertone. 

Atelier Interactive is the only artists’ acrylic that allows an artist to have complete control over its drying speed. Atelier Interactive is a fast drying, professional artists’ acrylic with a smooth and buttery consistency. It offers exceptional pigment loading, and lightfastness and has a velvety satin finish.  

Atelier’s Unlocking Formula has been specifically designed to help you control the drying of Atelier Interactive. It allows you to keep your acrylic paint wet for as long as you need. Mix the Unlocking Formula into your paint with either a brush or an atomiser spray. This formula will keep your paint wet, it will also re-wet or re-open recently dried paint. Once the paint is re-opened, new paint can be blended back in, existing paint edges can be feathered or whole sections can be removed with a rag to reveal under layers. 

There are also a range of varnishes and mediums available to be used with Atelier Interactive Acrylic paint.


Product CodeAAT800360
To Use WithAcrylic
Size80 ml
Quantity : PackSingle
Country of ManufactureUnited States
Colour NameCobalt Blue Hue
Pigment IndexPB.15, PB.29, PW.6
TransparencySemi Transparent
Colour LightfastExcellent
Weight (kg)0.063000


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