Vallejo : Acrylic Gel Medium


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A versatile, transparent gel medium that adds body and gloss to acrylic paints. It can also be used for texture and glazing.

  • Available in 500ml
  • Excellent quality
  • Made with acrylic resins
  • Extends color and increases transparency
  • Made in Spain
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1 || AVV190500 500 ml $14.70
1 || AVV19058 60 ml $4.70


A range of mediums and varnishes from the Spanish manufacturer Acrylicos Vallejo. Vallejo Acrylic Gel Medium is a multi-purpose and resilient medium that is ideal for producing a wide range of textures and effects in acrylic paintings. It imparts a lustrous finish and dries completely transparent. Jackson's orders direct from the manufacturer so that we can offer superior quality at lower prices.


Product CodeP-AVAGM
To Use WithAcrylic
Mediums : ViscosityMedium
Mediums : TransparencyTransparent


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