Jackson's : Thixotropic Alkyd Oil Primer : By Road Parcel Only

Hazardous Product : Additional shipping charges or restrictions may be applied.

A highly opaque and flexible one-coat white primer designed for preparing a ground for oil-based paints.

  • Excellent quality
  • Resin, white spirit, titanium dioxide, calcium carbonate
  • Opaque gesso-like finish
  • Made in the UK


Our Thixotropic Alkyd Oil Primer is a modern twist on an established formula. The alkyd content means that whilst it is still linseed oil based, the oil has been modified to reduce cracking and increase flexibility. The white appearance comes from two pigments: Titanium Dioxide and Calcium Carbonate. The result is a highly opaque primer with good covering power.

Thixotropic materials are those who stiffness can be reduced with the energy of a brush or knife, but not permanently. If you stop stirring, the thixotropic nature of the primer means it will quickly regain its body or structure.

Please remember that any absorbent substrate such as canvas or paper should be sized before the application of this ground. This will seal the surface so that oil does not leech into it or cause it to rot. You can use acrylic size, rabbit skin glue, or acrylic primer for this purpose; one easy option is the Gamblin PVA Size. The Thixotropic Alkyd Oil Primer is a one-coat primer which will be dry in 4 - 5 days.

Please note, this parcel can only be sent by road. Delivery to some European destinations will be possible at an increased cost, but many international customers will not be able to order.


Product CodeP-JTHIX
To Use WithOil
Hazardous UN NumberUN1263
Hazardous TypeDangerous for the Environment or Aquatic Life, Flammable
Shipping Restriction (Haz)Yes


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