Daler Rowney : Artists' Watercolor Paint : Metal Set : 1/4 Pan : Set Of 18

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Daler Rowney’s Miniature Artists’ Watercolor Box contains 18 quarter pans of Artists’ Watercolor and a sable brush. It is perfectly pocket-sized so you can easily carry it around with you and make quick sketches whenever you want to.

Artists' Watercolors are characterized by their rich, free-flowing color, which never leaves any hard lines at the edge of a wash. Their unparalleled performance is a product of precise formulations, based on the suspension of the very finest quality pigments in an aqueous solution of gum Arabic. Only the best pigments, regardless of cost, are used in the manufacture of Artists’ Watercolors.

The miniature brush contained measures 11.5cm in total length with a 1.2cm head length. It is a size 3 Round Sable Brush meaning it has a full belly, precise point and high degree of spring.

The pleasing black metal tin measures 12.2cm x 4.5cm x 1.3cm and has slots for 18 quarter-pans, as well as a 2.6cm diameter loop on the back to make it easy to hold and use as a palette.

    This set includes:
  • 1 x Size 3 Sable Round Brush
  • 1 x Metal tin
  • 1 x 651 Lemon Yellow 1/4 pan
  • 1 x 611 Cadmium Yellow Pale 1/4 pan
  • 1 x 501 Cadmium Red 1/4 pan
  • 1 x 528 Quinacridone Red 1/4 pan
  • 1 x 515 Alizarin Crimson 1/4 pan
  • 1 x 537 Permanent Rose 1/4 pan
  • 1 x 135 Prussian Blue 1/4 pan
  • 1 x 109 Cobalt Blue 1/4 pan
  • 1 x 123 French Ultramarine 1/4 pan
  • 1 x 381 Viridian 1/4 pan
  • 1 x 253 Hooker’s Green Light 1/4 pan
  • 1 x 663 Yellow Ochre 1/4 pan
  • 1 x 667 Raw Sienna 1/4 pan
  • 1 x 221 Burnt Sienna 1/4 pan
  • 1 x 527 Light Red 1/4 pan
  • 1 x 223 Burnt Umber 1/4 pan
  • 1 x 065 Payne’s Grey 1/4 pan
  • 1 x 034 Ivory Black 1/4 pan

Please note: quarter-pans are not available to buy separately and this set does not have wells suitable for holding tube watercolors. If you wish to replace any pans in this set you will need to get an extruded half pan and gently cut it to size using a strong craft knife.


Product CodeWDSMIN
To Use WithWatercolor
SizeQuarter Pan
Sets & PacksSet
Country of ManufactureDominican Republic
TransparencyRefer to single colours
Colour LightfastGood
Weight (kg)0.120000

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(5 reviews)

Love this little palette

Once the paints were all used, I pulled out the insides and it now hold eight full pans of watercolour. By the way, I've seen vintage palettes just like these going for a ridiculous amounts of money on Etsy.



I've had mine for forty nine years and I wouldn't be without it!



I absolutely love it. So tiny and yet so complete.



excellent product



Best Watercolour Travel set ever, extremely high quality case and pigment which is in a compact size so there is no reason not to have it with you at all times.


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