Color Shapers : Silicone Tools : Black/Extra Firm



The revolutionary silicone tips are available in different types of firmness, different sizes and different you can work with practically any medium of any consistency.

The Ivory Tip is soft and designed to be responsive with fluids and soft colors.

The Grey Tip is firm and offers a good amount of resistance for extraordinary control over polymer clay, heavy body and paste paints.

The Black Tip Clay Shapers are much firmer and best suited to sculpting, ceramics and modelling.

Within each range, the Taper Point allows you to apply and carve paint, blend charcoal and pastel, create clear linear strokes and make broad forceful marks. The Cup Round moves heavy paint, controls thick color, creates soft edged strokes and blends pastel and charcoal. The Cup Chisel allows you to adjust contours and edges, carve paint and remove paint, whereas the Flat Chisel will allow you to blend paint, mix paint on the palette and create flat even strokes of color. The Angle Chisel creates expressive strokes, works from thick to thin and makes precise marks.

Great with...

Oil and Acrylics - Mix, apply, spread, move and remove all kinds of paint, the possibilities are only limited by your imagination!

Watercolor - Develop new watercolor techniques and surface textures.

Masking Fluid - Apply and remove masking fluid then clean the tip effortlessly with a simple wipe, no more ruined brushes!

Pastel and Charcoal - Smudge and blend to create depth of color or add fine detail to your work.

Glass and Ceramics - Create clean, clear sweeps, then wipe any color away from the tip quickly and easily.

Clay Sculpting - Clay Shapers are perfect for adding details to your work.

Cleaning is easy. For acrylics, watercolors or drawing materials just dip the tip in water and wipe clean.

With stubborn colors wipe the tip with alcohol or solvent. For oil based paints and printing inks dip the tip in solvent and wipe clean. Do not leave Color Shapers to soak in solvent. If you forget to clean up, dont worry, allow the paint or adhesive to dry, then simply peel it off.


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