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This durable, self-levelling pouring medium is specifically formulated for a variety for pour painting techniques.

  • 2 sizes available
  • Mid-range
  • Made with acrylic resin
  • Water-resistant once dry
  • Made in the UK
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System 3 Fluid Pouring Medium is specifically formulated to be used with fluid acrylics. It creates natural small cells without the need for silicone oil. System 3 Silicone Oil can also be added to enhance the effect even further.

  • Made with high-quality resins
  • Ensures a durable, self-levelling, non-yellowing, scratch-resistant and non-tacky surface
  • Does not craze, crack, or hold bubbles in the paint film upon drying and dries to a waterproof gloss finish
  • Made in the UK


Product CodeP-DRS3PM
To Use WithAcrylic, Pouring Technique


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