Holbein : Artists' Oil Colour


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Professional quality selection of highly pigmented oil colours which have been carefully formulated to offer a uniform consistency and finish across the range.

  • 148 colours in 40ml, 6 in 50ml, 6 in 110ml, 3 in 330ml
  • Professional quality
  • Made with pure plant oils and fine pigments
  • Excellent lightfastness
  • Made in Japan
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Holbein Artists’ Oil Colour is a world-class professional range of oil colours, made using the purest pigments available and manufactured to the highest standards of quality control.

Holbein artist oil is smooth, highly pigmented, and lightfast, with a very stable paint film. The range offers both traditional colours and modern pigments. All colours are ground up to ten times in order to achieve a uniform viscosity across the entire palette of colours. This uniform viscosity ensures that each colour has the same smooth consistency and luminosity.

Holbein oils are created from carefully selected pigments and plant oils such as poppy oil and linseed oil. The range is adapted to the Munsell colour standard for hue, value, and chroma.


Product CodeP-HOLAOC
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