Jackson's : Aluminum Ready Stretched Screen


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A range of quality aluminum stretched screens for screen printing. Made with high grade monofilament mesh in a choice of three different mesh grades.

  • 3 sizes from 12 x 16in to 23 x 31in
  • Excellent quality
  • Aluminium / polyester monofilament mesh
  • Sturdy frames to prevent warping
  • Made in the UK


Jackson's Aluminum Ready Stretched Screens are strong, durable, and lightweight. They have been prepared with high grade polyester monofilament mesh and Kiwo adhesive. The welded frames of aluminum box tubing have been selected to prevent warping.

If you are going to apply a photo emulsion then it is best to degrease the new screen using a specialist degreaser such as Kiwo Pregan NT9.

Choose from 43T mesh for textile printing, 90T mesh for paper and board printing, or 120T mesh for halftone and photographic printing on paper and board.


Product CodeP-RJSC


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