Jackson's : Carborundum Powder : Medium Grit : 1kg




1kg carborundum powder medium, 80/120 grit.
  • Used for the production of carborundum prints
  • Abrasive grit used in the graining of plates
  • Mix with PVA or various acrylic mediums
  • Reusable/ recyclable container


Our carborundum is an abrasive grit with a variety of applications. It can be mixed with water or oil to create graining and polishing pastes for metal plates or it can be usedfor carborundum printing. Carborundum powder when adhered to a printing plate, inked and printed as an intaglio, produces very strong colour and tone. The powder can be applied by sprinkling it over PVA and the excess tapped off, or it can be combined with acrylic mediums and painted on.

Please note: due to movement during transit, grit can clog the threads of this item, causing the lid to become stiff when opened for the first time. To prevent this, hold the tub from the base when unscrewing, rather than the sides - this reduces pressure on the thread.


Product CodeRCPGM1000
Size1 kg
Weight1000 g
Colour NameMedium Grit
Weight (kg)1.090000


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