Jackson's : Museum Stretcher Bar Pair : 35x58mm : 75cm (30in Approx.) : With Slot





Our new 35mm-deep Museum Stretcher Bars will assemble to make solid professional stretchers for canvas that will not twist or warp over time. The key lies in the materials used and the treatments given. Only first class, 100% PEFC Certified pine is used. After the wood is kiln dried to remove all moisture from the raw materials, the pieces are finger jointed and triple laminated. By finger joining the pieces of wood the natural tendency for the wood to twist or warp is eliminated. Triple lamination takes this even further, protecting the wood from changes in humidity in the environment that may otherwise cause wood to expand.

Our stretcher bars are sold in pairs. Any bars which are over 60cm will have a slot into which you can fit a centre bar for extra stability. Please be aware that our Museum Stretcher Bars are available in two sizes: the larger has a 35mm profile (i.e. it projects out 35mm from the wall). The smaller has a 20mm profile. It is not possible to mix and match: you must ensure that you purchase stretcher bars, centre bars and crossbars with the same profile depth.

This is a 75cm (30" Approx.) pair of Jackson's Museum Stretcher Bars with a 35mm profile, each of which has a slot for the insertion of a crossbar or centre bar.


Product CodeCMSB3575
Surface : Depth35 mm
Weight (kg)1.090000


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