Japanese Nori : Starch Paste (Sticking Paste) : Blue Tub : 380g




Excellent for the printing process, used to bind and disperse pigment color.
  • Excellent for the printing process, used to bind and disperse pigment color.
  • For Japanese style woodblock printing
  • 380gsm


Japanese Nori (glue) paste is used in the printing process to bind and disperse the pigment color and add to its brilliance. Traditionally rice paste is made up but tubes and tubs of nori are a convenient alternative. The color can be in the form of a liquid pigment such as Akua Liquid Pigment, artists watercolor or gouache, or Sumi ink so some experimentation with proportions is required. When printing larger areas of color a higher proportion of nori to color is required.

Thin down the paste a little until it has the consistancy of thick cream. This will prevent the color from becoming too sticky and damaging the paper. A few drops of nori and separately a few drops of color are dropped onto the block. They are mixed and spread by the maru bake and hanga bake inking brushes.

These tubes and tubs of nori have been used for decades by Japanese school children for glueing and art projects in the classroom. The glue is completely non toxic and being mindful of the environment, the single use tubes are made from recycled plastic and can be incinerated without danger of toxic emissions.


Product CodeRKSTP380B
Weight380 g
Weight (kg)0.417000

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I like this rice paste for collage work. The tub is a good size, with a wide mouth and a tiny plastic paddle with which to withdraw the paste cleanly.


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