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64 colors available in 40ml and 8 in 300ml.

  • 80 colors available in 40ml, selected colors in 110ml and 300ml
  • Professional quality
  • Made with linseed or safflower oil and pure pigments
  • Fullest chromatic strength
  • Made in Australia
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Langridge Artist Colors is a Melbourne-based independent oil paint manufacturer founded by David Coles. One of the youngest paint manufacturers in the world, Langridge have a unique vision of how oil paint can be re-invented by today’s artists and utilised for contemporary application. The company has dedicated itself to making the highest performing oil colors and mediums free from the conventions and limitations of historical paintmaking.

Langridge Handmade Oil Color has been constructed to excel in saturation of color and physical handling qualities. Developed in consultation with artists, these paints satisfy demands for oil colors that are unadulterated by fillers or modifiers, resulting in a pure, full-strength paint with maximum pigment loading.

Every color in the range has been built out of a dedicated analytic testing for total surety of performance and permanence. Their paint is made by triple roll milling batches no larger than 20 liters, ensuring total control throughout the production process. The sensitivity dedicated to the milling process ensures the highest quality paint is produced - on the triple roll mill, no two colors react the same due to the fact each color has been individually formulated and made in its own unique fashion. As a result, this range of paints has the fullest chromatic strength with exceptional tinting power, resulting in extremely clean color-mixing. Because the colors have not been adulterated, the individual nature of each pigment has not been masked. Some colors will be soft whilst others will be ropey, buttery or stiff. David Coles has also written a fascinating book about the history of color and pigment, available by clicking here - Chromatopia: An Illustrated History of Color.


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To Use WithOil
Colour LightfastExcellent

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(1 review)


I am new to oil painting but recently tried out several brands of high end oil paint to compare, and Langridge has some of the most rich coloring and beautiful workability. I would consider this brand to be in my top 3 favorites.


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