Lascaux : Gesso : Transparent : 5000ml




A semi-absorbent transparent acrylic primer with a good tooth.

  • Professional quality
  • Non-yellowing, lightfast, and age resistant
  • Concentrated and economical: 50-100ml/m4
  • Can be tinted with acrylic colors
  • Range of sizes available


Lascaux Transparent Gesso is a pigment-free primer that dries to a clear, semi-absorbent surface with a good tooth. It is especially suitable for glazing techniques.

This transparent, matt gesso can be diluted with water and is water-resistant when dry. It can be tinted with acrylic colors. It is suitable for absorbent surfaces such as canvas, textiles, paper, cardboard, synthetics, wood, and fair-faced concrete. Suitable for use with acrylic, oil, watercolor, tempera, and alkyd paints.

Directions for Lascaux Primer and Gesso
Textiles such as canvas, cotton, and jute should be sized with Lascaux Acrylic Sizing before applying Lascaux Primer or Gesso. On sized textiles, it is recommended to apply Lascaux Primer or Gesso slightly diluted to improve the brushability. On unsized textiles, Lascaux Gesso should be diluted 1:1 with water for the first coat. After approx. 4 - 6 hours (depending on the temperature) a second coat may be applied if desired, with diluted Primer. Between the two coatings, uneven fibres and knots can be flattened with fine abrasive paper. Coated fabrics can be rolled. On absorbent supports like paper, cardboard, and fibreboard, Lascaux Primer or Gesso is applied diluted with 10 - 15% of water, as required. On wood or concrete, a preliminary layer with Lascaux Hydro Sealer, diluted 1:4 with water, is recommended. For the following coat of Lascaux Primer or Gesso, dilute with 25% of water. Lascaux Gesso should not be used below the temperature of +8°C (+46°F).

Approx. 50-100 ml/m2 per coat, depending on the support and application.


Product CodeALGT5000
To Use WithOil, Acrylic
Colour NameTransparent
Weight (kg)6.030000
Country of ManufactureSwitzerland
Mediums : TransparencyTransparent
Hazardous TypeLiquid 1000ml+


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