Lutea : Extra Fine Natural Watercolor Paint : 9ml : Pink (Madder)

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Made using the finest pigments from natural raw materials, Lutea : Extra Fine Natural Watercolor Paint paints offer vibrant and high quality dyes and achieve superb lightfastness. The Lutea Watercolor range is an amazing opportunity to rediscover rare and beautiful organic colors made with plants from around the world.

Conceived by the visionary and sustainable Belgian brand Lutea, renowned for their research and development of organic colors, the pigments in Lutea's range of 12 Watercolors are extracted from plants grown under the care and expertise of artisan Anne-Sylvie Godeau. The grounded pigments are then meticulously incorporated with the highest quality binding agents, guided by Isabelle Roelof's research.

The 12 unique colors offer the possibility to create mixtures which cannot be achieved with synthetic colors. Lutea : Extra Fine Natural Watercolor Paints must be kept at room temperature. For those looking to achieve a significant pigment spread, we recommend adding ox gall to your water when painting. These watercolor paints are compatible with synthetic and mineral watercolors.

The Lutea : Extra Fine Natural Watercolor Paints range has a lightfastness rating of Good to Very Good (5-6) as certified by French laboratory Green'ing. The full range of 12 colors includes natural raw materials sourced from cultivated plants, gleaned plants, recycled plants, international plants, and one insect (click on the PDF to view the full list for each watercolor).

You can read more about the Lutea range on the Jackson's Blog.


Product CodeWL908S2
To Use WithWatercolor
Size9 ml
VeganNon Vegan
Quantity : PackSingle
Country of ManufactureBelgium
Colour NamePink (Madder)
Colour LightfastN/A
Weight (kg)0.013000


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