Lutea : Pigment : 15ml : Walnut Brown





Extracted from dried walnut husks Juglans Regia, gleaned in Belgium.

  • A unique range of 12 organic pigments
  • Sourced from natural raw materials
  • Rare and beautiful colours
  • Made using artisanal methods
  • Good to Very Good lightfast rating (5-6)


Lutea Pigments are a unique range of rare and beautiful organic colours made with plants from around the world. They have been conceived by the visionary and sustainable Belgian brand Lutea, renowned for their research and development of sustainably sourced organic colours.

The range of 12 pigments is comprised of natural raw materials sourced from cultivated plants, gleaned plants, recycled plants, international plants, and one insect. Many of the plant-sourced pigments have been extracted from plants grown under the care and expertise of artisan and founder of Lutea, Anne-Sylvie Godeau. The 12 unique colours offer the possibility to create pigment mixtures which cannot be achieved with synthetic colours.

Each colour comes in a 15ml glass bottle packed between 5g and 10g depending on the weight of the pigment. Indigo Persicaria Blue is also available in a 100ml jar option. The Lutea Pigment range has a lightfastness rating of Good to Very Good (5-6), as certified by French laboratory Green'ing.


Product CodePPLT13
To Use WithOil, Acrylic, Watercolor, Tempera
Size15 ml
Country of ManufactureBelgium
Colour NameWalnut Brown
Colour LightfastGood
Weight (kg)0.041000


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