M. Graham : Artists' Watercolor Paint Sets


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Traditional watercolors made with blackberry honey and carefully selected pigments. Strong and true colors available in 15ml tubes.

  • 13 sets available
  • Professional quality
  • Made with gum arabic, honey, and pure pigments
  • No artificial humectants or preservatives
  • Made in the US


M. Graham Artists' Watercolor Sets each contain a selection of paints chosen so that you have the most useful colors for your desired work. Often taking subject matter or a particular pigment as a theme, these sets are a great addition to a watercolor collection or as an introduction to the brand.

Made with a unique blend of Northwest blackberry honey and carefully selected pigments, the colors range from delicate tints to strong, concentrated color. Honey's viscosity offers artists smooth and easy application, as well as yielding strong and true colours. It also helps the watercolors to dilute easily, even after months without use. They also resist hardening on the palette or in the tube.


To Use WithWatercolor
Size15 ml
Sets & PacksSet
Colour LightfastN/A


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