MaimeriBlu : Watercolor Paint : 12ml : Primary Red Magenta

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An excellent mixing color. The cleanest pinks, flesh tones, and violets can be made with it.

  • An excellent mixing color. The cleanest pinks, flesh tones, and violets can be made with it.
  • Carefully selected and treated pigments ensure highest quality and maximum lightfastness
  • Ultra-fine and delicate milling process
  • Pigments are dispersed within a perfectly balanced blend of natural Kordofan gum arabic and glycerine


Manufactured in Italy, Maimeri Blue Watercolors offer perfection and purity of color across a range of 90 single pigment colors. These colors are carefully refined and respect the nature and needs of each pigment. This treatment, along with the ultra-fine and delicate milling process, ensures these watercolors have great lifting and layering ability, superior quality and the best possible lightfastness.

This is a 12ml tube of Maimeri Blu Watercolor in Primary Red Magenta.


Product CodeWMB12256
To Use WithWatercolor
Size12 ml
Country of ManufactureItaly
Colour NamePrimary Red Magenta
Pigment IndexPV19
Colour LightfastExcellent
Weight (kg)0.025000

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(4 reviews)


This is my absolute favorite version of PR233. It rewets easier than all other brands I've tried and is more rosy than Schmincke's Potter's Pink. I love it mixed into PV19, Transparent Red Oxide or Indian Red. Alonya Creates (on YouTube) has a color using PR233, PV19 and PY3 called Strawberry Velvet which is sold out, but I use Maimeri's PR233 to mix my own version from colors in my palette. I cannot state just how much I love this color...on its own and mixed with other pigments.



A beautiful and unique lavender tone. A very soft colour excellent for botanicals.



Lovely paints, easy to use. Perfect blue to mix with other brands (watercolour).



Lovely paints, easy to use. Easy to lift up from the paper as well as painting layers.


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