Michael Harding : Professional Watercolor Paint


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Michael Harding watercolors are highly pigmented, offering a rich and vibrant luminosity. Each pigment has been carefully researched and developed to perform to its maximum potential.

  • 130+ colors available in 15ml
  • Professional quality
  • Made with gum arabic, honey and pure pigments
  • Brilliant, vibrant, and intense
  • Made in the UK
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Michael Harding Professional Watercolours have been meticulously developed to create highly saturated and vivid colours. Each pigment was painstakingly researched and formulated to perform to its maximum potential. Bound with fine quality gum arabic and honey, the range features 130+ colours, 92 of which are single pigment colours ensuring clean colour mixing and strong contrast.

The spectrum offered is comprehensive, with a broad choice of historical and modern clarity colours. A wide selection of greens are included for plein air, and traditional cadmium colours for their robustness. Rarer colours such as Lapis Lazuli and Rose Madder have been carefully transposed from the celebrated Michael Harding oil paint range.

Michael Harding Professional Watercolours have excellent rewetting properties, so dried paint can easily be reused, and favourite mixes can be created and stored in empty pans.

Twenty years in the making, these artist watercolours offer a rich and vibrant luminosity with the aim that every colour offers a distinct character to justify its inclusion in this exciting new collection.

Michael Harding Professional Watercolours are also available in our London (Farleigh Place) and Gloucester shops.

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To Use WithWatercolor
Colour LightfastRefer to single colors


(2 reviews)


Beautiful colour, my first purchase of these paints and they are highly pigmented, great quality and a joy to use. Will definitely buy more colours, and UK made!


Oh my, what a treat

I bought 3 colours (ultramarine blue, burnt Sienna and quinacridone gold) to test them out and they’re just lovely. The colours are so vibrant and they’re all beautifully transparent. They mix wonderfully and just flow beautifully from the brush. I’ll definitely be investing in more


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