Rohrer & Klingner : Iron Gall Nut Ink : 50ml : Ebony




Traditional ink with a deep, balanced black colour.
  • Suitable for dip pens, fountains pens, quills, and brush
  • The colour intensifies as it oxidises in the air
  • Permanent and archival when dry


Rohrer & Klingner Iron Gall Nut Ink has a historically deep, balanced black colour and can be used for fountain pens, dip pens, brush drawing, and writing tools for calligraphy. The colour of the iron gall ink intensifies when it oxidises in the air, so will darken in colour as it dries. It will then become permanent and archival.

Rohrer & Klingner was established in 1892 by Johann Adolf Rohrer in Leipzig, Germany, and remains one of Europe’s premier ink and tusche producers. The company boasts a fifth generation of lithography specialists and a team that has a passion for manufacturing high specification ink. Following well established recipes, each bottle of ink is produced by hand, combining naturally binding, renewable materials with the respective colourant.


Product CodeGKRNI804
To Use WithInk, Calligraphy
Size50 ml
Country of ManufactureGermany
Colour NameEbony
Colour LightfastGood
Weight (kg)0.144000


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