Schmincke : Horadam Retro Watercolor Collection : Limited Edition

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A special edition collection of Schmincke Horadam Watercolor inspired by the design and packaging from a 1912 catalogue discovered in their archives.

  • 4 sets available
  • Excellent quality
  • Made with Kordofan gum arabic and pure pigments
  • Made in Germany


The Schmincke Horadam Retro Watercolor Collection features a selection of special edition sets inspired by the original packaging design and color selections from a 1912 catalogue discovered in the Schmincke archives.

A highlight of this collection is the inclusion of Cochineal Red, which has been specially reissued and offers all the characteristics of the original. Cochineal Red is a transparent, deep red obtained from cochineal scale insects.

Schmincke Horadam Watercolor Paint Sets offer a great overview of the range. Expand your collection of watercolors, experiment with new colors, or share a Schmincke set as a gift.


To Use WithWatercolor
Sets & PacksSet
Country of ManufactureGermany
TransparencyRefer to single colours
Colour LightfastRefer to single colors


(1 review)

THE RED to replace all reds

I wish I’d had this Cochineal Red whenI first began painting with watercolor, because my search for the perfect red would’ve stopped with one purchase. This is the cleanest, most versatile, transparent, mix-friendly red I’ve ever used. Granted, it’s not vegan, but I still think the most beautiful pigments have already been created by nature. The cleanest oranges, natural purples, and a vast array of hues are achieved. A perfect, deep, clean carmine red at full strength gives way to the sweetest, most natural pink when diluted almost completely. And this color lasts! I diluted it using the value scale and it was rendering still lighter hues at the ninth dilution. A MUST. It’s no wonder this red caused such a stir and why a continent almost went to war over its tiny, secret source. I love that I now also own a piece of Schmincke and Aztec history.


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