Schmincke : Horadam Watercolor Paint : Retro Set : Half Pan : Set of 18 Pans & 5ml Cochineal Red : Luxury Wooden Box





  • A special limited edition set reissued as part of the Schmincke Retro Watercolour Collection
  • Original art nouveau-style packaging
  • Excellent quality pigments give the highest level of lightfastness
  • Bound with Kordofan gum arabic which is regularly tested
  • Colours have excellent resolubility


This set is part of the Schmincke Horadam Retro Watercolour Collection. The range features a selection of special edition sets inspired by the original packaging design and colour selections from a 1912 catalogue discovered in the Schmincke archives. The Horadam Watercolour Paint Retro Set of 18 Half Pans & 5ml Cochineal Red comes in a smart wooden box, printed with the 1912 owl logo design and packaged in a beautiful art nouveau-style cardboard sleeve using the graphics and typeface from the period. The individual wrapping on each half pan also steps back in time. A highlight of this set is the inclusion of Cochineal Red which has been specially reissued and offers all the characteristics of the original.

Schmincke Horadam Watercolour Paint Sets offer a great overview of the range. Expand your collection of watercolours, experiment with new colours, or share a Schmincke set as a gift.

In order to achieve the highest standard, Schmincke use the best raw materials available. There is no compromise in quality - the highest standards of artists' pigments allow the highest level of lightfastness. Schmincke's watercolour binding medium is Kordofan gum arabic from the Sahara region. Due to it differing from year to year, it is tested and the best of the batch is selected to use with their pigments. They use an optimal amount of ox gall to avoid undesired coloured formations and undissolved pigment, allowing the perfect flow of colour.

Featuring a luxury wooden box this set contains a limited edition Da Vinci Cosomotop Mixed F Brush Size 2, a Porcelain Palette, a 5ml tube of Cochineal Red, and the following half pan colours:

  • Naples Yellow 229
  • Raw Sienna 660
  • Raw Umber 667
  • Transparent Sienna 653
  • Vandyke Brown 669
  • Sepia Brown Reddish 662
  • Viridian 513
  • Cobalt Green Pure 535
  • Indigo 485
  • Neutral Tint 782
  • Ivory Black 780
  • Titanium Opaque White 101
  • Chromium Yellow Hue Lemon 211
  • Cadmium Yellow Deep 226
  • Permanent Carmine 353
  • Vermillion 365
  • Prussian Blue 492
  • Ultramarine Finest 494


Product CodeWSSR18H
To Use WithWatercolor
VeganNon Vegan
Sets & PacksSet
Quantity : PackPack of 19
Country of ManufactureGermany
BinderGum Arabic
TransparencyRefer to single colours
Colour LightfastRefer to single colors
Weight (kg)0.975000


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