Schmincke : Horadam Watercolour Paint : Supergranulation Set : 15ml : 5 Haze Colours





  • Exclusive to Jackson's
  • Paints are based on pigments that have a natural tendency to granulate


Last year Schmincke launched a range of supergranulating watercolour paints in their professional Horadam range. The distinctive feature of this range is that the paints are based on pigments that have a natural tendency to granulate. By combining two or more pigments in one paint, they complement and enhance the colour in combinations and create an incredible texture on the surface of the paper. 

This line has been such a success that the range of the colours is expanded.  Like the previous series, it also includes five colours: they are pink, blue, indigo, brown and black. All paints have excellent lightfastness, and are transparent or semi-transparent.

Continuing the tradition of the name of the range, which reflects motifs in this range of colours, the Haze range is about complex and unique shades of grey-brown: these are the colours best used for painting misty mountains, obscure clouds, dimly visible, hidden behind a haze. 


5 x 15ml Schmincke Horadam - Pink (PR233, PB36 - Transparent), Blue (PY43, PB29, PBr7 - Transparent), Indigo (PB29, PG26, PBr33 - Semi-transparent), Brown (PBr7, PBk11 - Semi-transparent), and Black (PG36, PBr33, PBk11 - Semi-opaque).


Product CodeWSS515HA
To Use WithWatercolor
Size15 ml
Sets & PacksSet
Colour LightfastRefer to single colors
Weight (kg)0.225000


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