Schmincke : Mussini Oil Medium : W Makes Oils Water Mixable : 200ml

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Schmincke’s Medium W allows oil colors to be mixed with water instead of with turpentine and linseed oil. Brushes and painting tools that have been used with Medium W mixed oils can be cleaned with soap and water. Medium W should be mixed with oil paints in a 1 part medium to 2 parts oil ratio using a palette knife or a spatula. Water can then be added to the mixture to thin the paint and, if necessary, more Medium W.

Medium W increases the gloss and transparency of paints and harmonises drying process. This odourless, low solvent additive will reduce the mess and smell of oil painting. When mixed with oils and water the alkyd resin in Medium W will undergo a shift in color, however oils will be restored to their original brilliance and vibrancy on drying.

Contains alkyd resin.

Shake before use.


Product CodeMSMW200
To Use WithOil, Watermixable Oil
Size200 ml
Country of ManufactureGermany
Colour NameMedium W : Makes Oil Paint Watermixable
Weight (kg)0.390000

Reviews 4

(4 reviews)


Takes 3days plus’s to dry. Would be great if were faster. But you can get a nice clear glaze and washes with it.



Very good product it gives a good shine and enhances the colour.



Having purchased and used up last 200ml bottle, I just had to get another. So far, so good - had no bad reactions, when I added a drop or two to liquin. Mixed in a dipper, it serves me well, as painting medium. Paintings dry with sheen. Also use meduim W neat, to help rinse / wash brushes in water; prior to cleaning properly with baby shampoo and water. So suits my needs for the moment.



This medium worked well with Georgian oils. After mixing the paint was runy but went on the canvas OK.


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