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Sennelier’s Dry Pigment works well combined with any binding medium. These pure, concentrated pigments can be used to form watercolor, acrylic, egg tempera and gouache paints. Sennelier Dry Pigment jars contain the same high quality material that is used by Sennelier to manufacture their materials, from oil pastels to watercolor paints. Available in a range of 94 colors, this paint pigment allows an artist to mix, manipulate and master the preparation of their own colors.

When mixing water-based colors (watercolor, gouache, and tempera) use a hydroscopic product such as glycerin, which slows their drying time and makes them more flexible. The natural binder, either an animal or vegetable base, requires a preservative agent in order to preserve the integrity of the paints.

For oil colors, the best binder is refined safflower oil or linseed oil, except for whites and very pale blues, for which poppy seed oil is recommended.

For grinding colors, use a glass muller on a sheet of glass or polished marble. The longer you grind paint the more fluid it becomes, so be careful not to add too much oil. Each pure pigment has a particular chemical nature and therefore requires specific treatment.

Sennelier Pigment Chart: pdf=Pigment_color_chart.pdf


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