Sláma Press : Large 118mm Diameter : 60 x 10mm Balls




  • Slama Press Ball Graphic Press designed for hand printing.
  • Stainless steel with wood handle
  • Weight: 1570g
  • Bespoke wooden stand


Slama Press Ball Graphic Press is a beautifully crafted hand printing press designed and manufactured in the Czech Republic. It was developed by Milos Slama whilst searching for a solution to the printing of his reduction linocuts in various sizes as well as something that was portable and affordable. Slama Press opens up the possibility of working across a wide variety of print formats and paper types.

Based on the ball bearing baren, a modern interpretation of a traditional Japanese tool but with added weight, it makes light work of burnishing a relief print. The freely rotating ball bearings create multiple pressure points evenly across the disc and the disc itself rotates around a central axis as you move across the paper. In addition, the 10mm ball bearings on the large Slama Press allow prints to be taken on heavier paper weights. The presses can take relief prints, drypoints, etchings and lithographs.

This is the large Slama Press with 60 x 10mm ball bearings and a rotating disc that is easy to handle. It is highly effective at burnishing prints on heavier paper - thicker than 250gsm.

The large Slama Press has a vertical handle which keeps your wrist in a neutral position to avoid repetitive strain. It also has the option to purchase additional 1kg weights to increase the overall pressure the press can exert. The large Slama Press can be further modified by removing the vertical handle leaving a short version that can be used in the traditional manner if you prefer to press down. Two options are available in the large press, the 6mm ball bearing press for smoother, lighter papers and the 10mm ball bearing press for papers over 250gsm.

Slama Press requires a tiny space to store so is suitable for the home studio. It comes with a lovely wooden stand to store safely.

Maintenance: Unscrew the lower bolt and take out the ball cage. Remove any impurities from the inside of the body of the press. After cleaning, screw the cage back on. The balls can be gently lubricated with oil by running the press on slightly oiled paper.

Specifications Diameter: 118mm Ball bearings: 60 x 10mm Weight: 1570g Material: Stainless steel and wood Recommended for papers thicker than 250gsm


Product CodeSPL606
Weight (kg)2.252000


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