Studio Essentials : Plastic Brush Box : 33.5x8cm (Apx.13x3in)

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Great way to store your brushes safely and affordably.
  • Simple and effective design
  • Foam inserts protect brushes
  • Made from sturdy plastic
  • Holds up to 5 thin brushes comfortably


This plastic brush box is a great way to store your brushes safely. It features foam inserts which are glued in place to suspend your brushes, protecting the tips and separating them from each other. It is made from a clear plastic which is an advantage over a traditional brush roll as you can see what brushes are inside without having to open it. Best used with smaller, thinner brushes which tend to get easily damaged and broken. It will hold 5 thin brushes comfortably, the maximum length of the brush it will hold is 32cm. It is made secure by two snap tabs on one side.

33.5cm (L) x 8cm (W) x 3.5cm (D)


Product CodeACJBB
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(3 reviews)


Yes I too bought this for putting my brushes into protect the sable from moths but it was enourmous. If jackson bring out a smaller one for short handled brushes I may buy.

Ruth Rout


very useful. pot, works well.



Good quality. I didn't pay attention to the dimensions before buying it, as it looked like it was made for watercolor brushes; it's actually very long, made for holding long handled oil painting brushes. Fortunately though the brush holders are close enough to hold my watercolor/gouache brushes without damaging the bristles. I'd definitely recommend it for anyone who carries their brushes with them, but if you're a watercolor painter, you may want to keep the little plastic bristle protectors on your brushes to ensure they don't get damaged while carrying them in this case.


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