The Better Letters Book of Sign Painting : A Practical Guide to Tools, Materials, and Techniques





The Better Letters Book of Sign Painting

This book introduces the fundamentals of sign painting, allowing readers to learn about the tools, materials, and techniques needed to create painted signs.

All the basics are covered, from choosing and using brushes, paints, mahl sticks, dippers and pencils, to how to prepare and finish surfaces, transfer designs, mix paint, and work with the brush.

A gallery of original alphabets, created for the book by sign painters around the world, provides visual inspiration, and demonstrates a wide variety of styles and approaches.

192 Pages, 300 Illustrations
Hardcover, 283 x 219 mm, weight 1kg.
Published by Laurence King
ISBN 978-1-78627-692-6

Abrupt Serif by Joan Quirós; Alfabetty by Miranda Ensink; Amalgaration by Ray Mawst; Architect Casuals by Gaston Castagnet (Gaston the Painter); Blackboard Art Casual by Cheryl McLean; Bread & Butter Block and Pottsmith by Mike Meyer; Bretagne Block by Morgane Côme; Carte-Deco by Joby Carter; Carzorla Condensed by Mark Josling (Spectrum Signs); Chisel Speed Stroke by Derek McDonald; Christiania by Carl Fredrik Angell (Frisso); Classic Serif by Dorota Letachowicz; Copen Black Oblique by Jakob Engberg (Copenhagen Signs); Cugat by Ivan Castro; Dancing Script by Barbara Enright; Dave’s Casual by Dave Correll; Fill ‘Er Up by Emily Balsley; Fruity Script by Carla Hackett; Honeymoon in Cortez by Pascale Arpin; Housemaster by Ashley Willerton; Jazz by Alice Mazzilli; J’s 26 by Jasper Andries; King Script by Jeroen Koning; Laurel by Valentina Di Donato; Letterista Script by Elena Albertoni (La Letteria); Luminor Poster Block by Ged Palmer (The Luminor Sign Company); Magic Monkey by Astrid Oud; Merletters by Miss Merlot; Mossy Letters by Pieter van Tongeren (Mossy Giant); Neuland Hand Translated by Heather Leavitt Martinez; Pinhead Script by Kendra Spanjer; Porteño by Gustavo Ferrari (Ferrari Fileteados); Poulpe by Jean Desfeux; Rheingold Rascal by James Cooper (Dapper Signs); Sexy Bevels by Adrián Pérez (El Deletrista); Sunny Script by Hana Sunny Whaler; Teotextura by Adam Romuald Klodecki (Theosone); Touriga by Fernando Mello; Verlaine Script by Matthieu Verlaine; Vintage Neon by Karen Cartwright (Red Truck Company); Wauwatosa by Bob Behounek.


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