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To help you find exactly what you're looking for, we provide three different ways of browsing through our products.

1. Department - Use the Colour, Surface and Studio drop-down menus to find the area you're looking for, and then narrow down your search further with the category options on the left of the results page. We've only put our most popular departments on our home page; if you're looking for a more specialised medium, you may need to use the 'view all' button to find it. 

2. Brand - If you have a product in mind or are looking for new ideas from a favourite manufacturer, then this might be the best way for you to navigate our catalogue. Use the Brand button to bring up a full list of the branded products we stock, or use the filters available in other navigation methods for more specific brand results.

3. Attribute Search - Using the search box in the top right of the site will allow you to filter through our entire catalogue at once. Performing a search for a term such as 'acrylic' will produce popular search terms, categories you may like to search through or products that include your term in their name - the first two kinds of result will bring you to a full search results page that can be filtered further on the left hand side of the screen, whereas the latter will take you straight to product pages for a closer look at our stock. 

Adding them to your basket (or your wishlist):

When you select an item that you are interested in, add it to your basket and continue shopping or proceed to checkout. Alternatively, why not create a wishlist? Just click on 'add to wishlist' (or '+ wishlist') and make your wishlist publicly searchable, or send it to friends and family - ensure you receive the present you've always wanted!

Ran out of time and want to save your order for later? Ensure you are logged in (you may need to register if you are a first time shopper with us), check your chosen items are in your basket and then log out. Your basket will be saved for the next time you are able to login to our website. It is a also great idea to always login before you start shopping. To find your chosen items simply log back in (if necessary) and click on 'My Basket'.

Checking out:

To begin the checkout process, go to 'My Basket' in the top right of the screen, then click on 'View Basket'. Here you can review the items you're about to purchase, get a rough idea of the cost to ship the order, and apply voucher codes. When you're ready, click 'Proceed to Checkout'.

If you're not already logged in, you'll be asked to do so now. Logging in is a good choice for customers who are likely to order again in the future, as it allows you to save your shipping and billing addresses. Customers can also place orders as a guest, which will not require you to create a new account. In order to ensure that transactions are traceable, guests can only make payments via paypal - you do not need a paypal account to use their payment process, and can pay using card with this method.


We are unable to cancel or amend orders after they have been placed. If you have made a mistake with your order, such as an incorrect delivery address, please get in touch with our Customer Service team as soon as possible.



We accept PayPal and Credit/Debit Card payments on our website – Visa, MasterCard and AmericanExpress cards can all be used. Transactions are charged in the currency of your choice.


Jackson's can also process orders over the telephone on +44 (0) 207 254 0077. Get in touch if you'd like to discuss your order with our team, if you have any product enquiries you'd like to make, or if you wish to order a bespoke item.

VAT, Sales Tax, Customs Duty, and VAT-Exempt Orders

US orders are subject to local sales tax in Illinois, Maryland, Minnesota, New Jersey, Utah, Virginia, the rate varies by district. Jackson’s are not currently above the threshold for Sales Tax in all other States and tax will not be added.

Orders shipped from the UK to the US, with a value greater than $800 are subject to import taxes. Some exclusions may apply.

Duty tax rates are between 0 to 37.5% with the typical rate being 5.63%.

The current UK VAT rate is 20%. This will be included on all orders delivered to an address in the UK.

Channel Islands orders are VAT exempt - to ensure that this is processed correctly, please set your delivery country to Jersey or Guernsey rather than the United Kingdom.

EU orders below €150 (Euros)
Between 0 and €149.99 (excluding postage) - Yes VAT and No Duty
Orders are subject to the VAT rate of the country where the goods are delivered.

VAT is added to your goods total.

EU orders over €150 (euros)

Over €150, with all goods from the EU and or UK - Yes VAT and Possible Duty*

VAT is not added to your goods total, but an equivalent amount is added to the shipping costs.

*Duty: customers may be required to pay additional charges to Customs on goods that originate from outside of the EU or UK.

Note: Orders to EU countries in excess of 150 euros cannot be processed under the IOSS system which means that VAT and customs charges need to be paid by the purchaser of the goods on entry to the EU.
Customers should be aware that in order to facilitate clearance of their order through customs, Jackson’s Art Supplies Ltd. employ the services of an agent to act on behalf of the customer and represent them for customs purposes.

Norway is subject to 25% VAT. Orders over 3000 NOK may also be subject to import duty.

Australia is subject to 10% sales tax. Orders over AUD $1000 will be processed by Australian customs and import duty and other fees will be applied.

Canada orders are not subject to sales tax, but orders over $20 may be subject to customs charges and import taxes on arrival in Canada.

Russia orders are not subject to sales tax, but orders over €200 are subject to a combined duty and sales tax of 15%, calculated on the amount above the €200 threshold.

The Rest of World (RoW) orders are exempt from VAT and Sales Tax, however, you may be asked to pay local tax and customs charges when the goods arrive in the destination country.

Please note: due to changes in international tax regulations and thresholds, we have been required to start adding tax to our sales in a number of countries and states, and to charge new rates in some others. When these taxes have been charged, the amount is visible under the Basket Total section at checkout. Please note that these rates are set by the country or state and will change only as a result of legislation by the tax jurisdiction in question.

You can view and print copies of your invoices by viewing the order history in your account; once you have signed in, click through to My Account and choose My Orders from the menu, then click the View Order link next to the order you would like to view. If you click on the print button, you can download a copy of your invoice, which includes a VAT total for the order.