Jackson's : Aluminium Screen Printing Screen : 32T White Mesh : 31x23 inches

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Strong, durable and lightweight, Jackson's Aluminium Screen Printing Screens are ideal for screenprinting for short or long paint runs. Made from aluminium box section welded frames and ready-stretched, high grade Swiss polyester mesh, Jackson's range of screens is available in a variety of sizes and mesh counts to suit your artistic needs and preferences.

This 32T White Mesh Aluminium Printing Screen is great for use with opaque ink deposits, glitter or metallic inks on fabric. These inks have particles in them that will not pass through the typical mesh sizes.

Jackson's Aluminium Screen Printing Screens are favoured for their durability and longevity. Unlike wood silk aluminium screen frames, Jackson's Aluminium Screen Printing Screens retain their shape throughout the printmaking process and will stay flat through thousands of prints. Aluminium frames can also be stretched and re-stretched many times.

Jackson's Aluminium Screen Printing Screens come in a variety of mesh counts. As a guide, the higher the mesh count, the finer the threads and holes are in the screen. While the difference isn't extreme, you may have to vary your exposure times slightly for different mesh sizes.

Mesh Counts (Threads Per CM): 32

Size: 31 x 23 inches


Product CodeRSC32T3123
Weight (kg)1.900000


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