Jackson's : Aluminium Squeegee Holder : Square Cut Medium Blade : 12in



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This versatile square rubber blade comes with an aluminium squeegee holder made in the UK and is an essential tool for screenprinting. Jackson's : Aluminium Squeegee holder with square cut blade is suitable for hand screenprinting and various automatic and semi automatic screen print machines, and offers a long-life performance.

The square cut rubber blade is a popular choice for regular ink applications and is the most widely used shape. Jackson's : Aluminium Squeegee holder with square cut blade is solvent-resistant, easy to clean and can be used with plastisol, water-based and specialist inks for printing on textiles or paper.

We recommend washing the squeegee immediately after printing and allowing it to “rest” between long print runs, in order to maximise its long-life performance.

Available in different sizes to suit a variety of image sizes for screenprinting.


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