Treasure Jewels : Gilding Wax Paste


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Treasure Jewels is a metallic wax which is used for restoring gold leaf and the finishing touches for antiquing. Blend any of the colours together for just the right shade. Apply with the fingers or a cloth and buff lightly. The metal lustre wont fade or tarnish.

It is easy to use on furniture, frames, ceramics or virtually any other surface and they adhere to contoured surfaces without cracking or peeling whilst touch drying immediately to a permanent non-tarnishing finish.

The product can be used on wood, metal, glass, ceramics, wax, leather, paper, cardboard, plastic, plaster and resin. They can also be used for a number of applications , such as stenciling, marbling or staining wood by thinning with turpentine.

It is ready to be polished in ten minutes and can be varnished with Treasure Sealer after fully drying for twelve hours.

Treasure Jewels is highly concentrated and is to be used sparingly. A 25g jar will cover approximately 2sq/m.


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