New Wave :Posh : Palette à Vitrage : 30x41cm (12x16in) : Gris



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New Wave Glass Palettes are made from a rectangular 1/8" glass panel and come in three colours: Grey, White and Clear. Made from tempered glass, they are resistant to breakage; they also bear plastic edge-protectors, which stop the palette slipping on smooth surfaces. The underside of the Grey and White palettes are covered with a dense, colour-fast, solvent- and water-resistant base.

The main benefit for painters is the ease with which this palette can be cleaned. Dried acrylic paint will peel straight off the glass surface, and dried oil paint can be removed with solvents or a blade. However, this palette can be used for a wide range of artistic tasks besides painting. Because the glass surface is extremely smooth, it is an excellent surface for rolling out printmaking ink, monoprinting, or mulling pigments. Its compact size means it fits into the Masterson Artist Palette Seal which can be used to stop paint drying.

Even though this glass is tempered (8x stronger than plate glass), it is still prone to scratching (as is all glass).

Cleaning Advice:

Always use a fresh razor blade when cleaning. Steel tools have burrs that can cause scratches on any glass product. Use a plastic razor and solvent to avoid scratching. Use knife, scraper, or sharp objects with caution.

This is a 30x41cm (12x16in) Grey New Wave Glass Palette.


Product CodeAPNW142
Type De PaletteGrise, Verre
Weight (kg)1.045000


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