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Iris is a high-quality rotary compass tool that uses a unique moving aperture to draw and measure circles.
  • Accurate measuring instrument
  • Aperture adjusts to freely create circles of Ø3-70mm
  • Compatible with any mark-making tool
  • Seamless and efficient, designed to last


Iris is a rotary compass tool used to draw and measure circles with its unique moving aperture. Iris is made with care and consideration, featuring a solid brass body and carefully selected corrosion-resistant stainless spring steel "leaves".

Iris aids in the drawing and measurement of circles through a simple rotating mechanism on the inside of a solid brass enclosing, allowing circles to be scaled to a specified size between Ø3-70mm. A mark on its measurement gauge easily creates repeat and changing circles.

The Iris comes with a wooden base which can be used for presentation and as a centering tool. The base of the Iris has a grippy surface to ensure it stays fixed on the page.

Makers Cabinet strive to create objects with a guarantee of longevity and durability. Iris is a product made with this ethos in mind.


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