KUM : The Masterpiece : Taille-Crayon en Métal

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The KUM Masterpiece is hand-made, sharpens in two phases and undergoes rigorous quality checks, making it among the best sharpeners on the market.
  • Made from lightweight yet durable magnesium
  • Blades are made of finely ground high-carbon steel with a hardness of more than 62 hrc
  • Sharpens in two phases for extremely precise points and exposed lead
  • Contains two spare blades, extras are also available


The KUM Masterpiece Sharpener is among the best on the market. This extraordinary sharpener is hand-made in Germany and passes through eight quality checks, ensuring each part of the sharpener is functioning as best as it possibly can.

The sharpener is made of magnesium which is both lightweight and durable, making for the perfect balance between stability and ease of use. The blades are made of finely ground high-carbon steel with a hardness of more than 62 hrc. This is much harder than most high-quality kitchen knives (typically around 55 hrc). They also feature Dynamic Torsion Action®, which handles the difficult dual task of cutting hard graphite while shaping soft wood. They remain rigid when required and flex when needed. The blades are protected against rust by careful polishing, eco-friendly ultrasonic cleaning and by a micro-thin oil coating. They are long-lasting and spare blades are available for purchase here. Two spare blades are housed in the blue section.

The KUM Masterpiece sharpens in two phases. In phase one, only the wood of the pencil is removed. In phase two, the lead is sensitively sharpened and formed. The goal is to obtain a long and precise tip. An uncovered and well-shaped lead gives the artist additional freedom which typical sharpeners will not provide.

KUM, based in Erlangen, Germany, is the world's leading manufacturer of pencil sharpeners since 1919. KUM sharpeners are distinguished by the excellence of the blades, the build-quality of their products and the huge variety of sharpener styles.



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