Royal Talens : Ecoline : Stylo Pinceau Aquarelle : Violet : Lot de 5



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  • Watersoluble when dry, allows colour to be reworked
  • Can be used on paper, board, or surfaces which have been prepared with watercolour ground
  • Versatile nib ensures flowing lines of varying width


Talens Ecoline Watercolour Brush Pen Violet Set is a selection of purply pink tones that naturally compliment each other and can be used together to create stunning work.

  • These inks are not highly lightfast but are useful for design work or colour sketches
  • Made with dyes
  • Several colours can be used together for easy blending and brushes can also be used to mix tones or soften lines
  • Held vertically the handy brush pens are capable of achieving fine detail
  • Held at an angle with the belly of the brush dragging they make thicker lines
  • Capable of responding to pressure and making a range of flowing interesting lines
  • Vibrant colour
  • Inks can be thinned to create gorgeous washes
  • Not waterproof so can be re-wetted once dry
  • 5mm brush nib enables a wide range of marks
  • Fast drying and odourless
  • The colours included in this set are 350, 507, 545, 361, 548


Product CodeGTESETVT5
Pour Utiliser AvecAquarelle, Stylos
Pays de fabricationAllemagne
TransparenceRefer to single colours
Solidité de la Couleur à la LumièreRefer to single colours
Weight (kg)0.107000


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