Frisket Film : Masking Films : Sheets

Frisket Film : Masking Films : Sheets

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Frisket film is the popular solution in airbrush and stencilling projects where intricate areas need to be masked or protected from the application of colour. It has a low adhesion so that you can cut out the shape you need to mask and stick it on the section of your work, and then apply colour, knowing that the right places will be sufficiently protected. The film is thin enough to cut with smalll amounts of presssure with a craft knife or scalpel. It is available gloss or matte - the gloss is more visible to see which can be an asset when working (so that you can easily find the edge of the film to peel it off again after application of colour), and the matte is also useful as you can easily apply graphite pencil to it. Frisket film is backed with a translucent gridded paper which makes the transferring and tracing of images easy.

To use with Airbrush
Quality Excellent
Binding : Type No Binding

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