Handover : Ox Hair Wash Brush : # 14


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Made from finest quality ox-hair and set in seamless nickel-plated ferrules on black polished handles. A useful range of larger sized brushes made especially for washes. The well shaped points, good spring and capacity for holding a large amount of colour give these brushes just the desired characteristics for laying on skies, backgrounds and large areas of colour. This series is available in the following sizes:

  • 10 = 29mm hair length
  • 12 = 34mm hair length
  • 14 = 36mm hair length
  • 16 = 38mm hair length

SKU 102/014
Weight 0.0240
To use with Oil
Brush : Hair Type Extra Ox
Brush : More Shapes Domed
Brush Series 102
Brush : Size # # 14
Quality Excellent
Brush : Shape Mop

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