Handover : Pure Sable Signwriting Brushes in Quill : 2116 / 2117

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Series 2116

The series 2116 are chisel edged signwriting brushes set in genuine bird quills. They are made in a traditional manner from 100% pure Kolinsky sable on plain, unvarnished handles.

A traditional signwriter’s brush made from 100% kolinsky sable, bound to form a sharp chisel edge, the hair is set into genuine bird quills – from ducks, geese and swans. A.S.Handover Ltd are the last manufacturer to make brushes in this traditional way.

Series 2117

Made in the same traditional way as the series 2116 but with the Kolinsky sable crafted to come to a long fine point, ideal for signwriting and scroll work.

Quantity : Pack Single
To use with Lettering
Quality Excellent

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