Holbein Duo-Aqua : Quick Drying Liquid 55ml bottle


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Enhances transparency and gloss finish while dramatically accelerating drying time. When mixing Duo Quick Drying Liquid and Holbein Duo Aqua Oil Colour in equal parts, substrate surface will become tacky in as little as 30 minutes. Adding too much Duo Quick Drying Liquid may cause unstable results. Do not exceed 50%. Duo Quick Drying Liquid can be thinned with water, but will reduce the overall effect. A milky appearance from adding water will become clear once dry. While Duo Quick Drying Liquid may become cloudy over time, performance will not be affected. 

Also available in a 200ml bottle

Weight 0.1450
To use with Oil, Watermixable Oil
Quality Excellent
Size : ml 55 ml

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