Jackson's : Adjustable Medium Wooden Canvas Carrier


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A Medium Wooden Canvas Carrier to transport wet canvases safely and storing paintings while drying.

This carrier holds two standard-width canvases or panels up to height 70cm, but will not fit deep-bar canvases. The two canvases held in the carrier can be at different heights


(Related product: The Medium Canvas Carrier AW51 holds the same size canvases but only at the same height)

Weight 1.7770
Quality Good
Review by Feefo
This is just what I needed for taking boards to and from art classes. Construction is simple but robust enough. As supplied, it's not really possible to carry 2 boards/canvasses of the same size as the bolt heads on the sliding clamps protrude too far. I fixed this in minutes by using a hand-held countersink tool to bore out a little more wood and thus recess the bolt heads enough to allow them to be positioned directly opposite each other - problem solved. A useful item at a reasonable price. (Posted on 13/12/2016)
Review by Andimac
Well made, useful piece of kit. I wish i'd bought one before. It makes transporting wet canvases/boards so much simpler. Re. Gavin Blench's review point about bolt heads standing proud - this is easily rectified by using a small hand-held countersink tool (easily available) to ream out a small depression to fit the square top end of the bolt shank, then no problem when carrying two canvasses of same size. Of course, manufacturer could do that too. (Posted on 02/12/2016)
Review by Feefo
A really handy piece of kit if painting plein air. Boards or canvases can be carried back to the studio without getting smudged or marked. As usual with jackson's own brand this is of sturdy construction and works well. (Posted on 21/05/2016)
Review by Gavin Blench
A very useful piece of kit for any plein air painting, as canvases can be carried back to the studio without getting smudged. Good sturdy construction. The only slight drawback with this design is that 2 canvases of the same size cannot be carried (unless they are small enough for one to be inserted lengthways) as the boltheads stand proud of the holes on the inside of the clamps, but otherwise a really good purchase. (Posted on 11/05/2016)
Review by Feefo
As above, the product was excellent (Posted on 29/06/2015)

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