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Cerulean Blue is often thought of as the colour of the sky or the sea. A cool, pure blue made from pigment PB36, it is semi opaque with an average drying speed. Cerulean derives from the Cobalt family. It is very often on the palettes of realist landscape painters. You may notice that some other Cerulean Blue paints are made with the PB35 pigment - in comparison, this colour is darker and greener. 

When mixed with Phthalo or Hooker's Green it is capable of creating stunning turquoises - in fact this particular pigment is also used to make the colour Cobalt Turquoise in a number of other paint ranges.

Colour name: Cerulean Blue Genuine

Colour number/code: 261

Series number: 4

Colour index name: PB36

Lightfastness rating: * * * * *

Transparency/opacity: Semi-opaque

SKU AJA250261
Weight 0.3780
To use with Acrylic
Quality Excellent
Price Series 4
Size : ml 250 ml
Pigment Index 36, PB

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