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Jackson's Acrylic Phthalo Green is made with PG7 pigment, which means that the green has a blue undertone. It has excellent lightfastness ratings and is transparent yet with high staining power. When squeezed from the tube it looks very dark and saturated but the vivacity of the colour comes to life when a little water or medium is added to it. 

Lighter, warmer greens can be made by adding a little yellow. Beautiful warm aubergine coloured mixes can be created when mixed with Napthol Red or Magenta, while at the other end of the spectrum an array of cool, clean turquoises and aquas can be made when combined with French Ultramarine Blue 

Colour Information.

Colour name: Phthalo Green

Colour number/code: 274

Series number: 2

Colour index name: PG7

Lightfastness rating: * * * * *

Transparency/opacity: Transparent

SKU AJA250274
Weight 0.3000
To use with Acrylic
Quality Excellent
Price Series 2
Size : ml 250 ml
Pigment Index PG7

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