Jackson's Acrylic Varnishes : Acrylic Polymer Varnishes with UV Stabilisers

Available in 500 ml & 1000 ml. (Gloss & Matt)

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A waterborne acrylic polymer varnish that dries to a protective, flexible, dust resistant surface over acrylic paint. Protects against UV damage. Jacksons Acrylic Polymer Varnish is permanent and non-removable. It cannot be removed with ammonia. The varnish will become milky if applied when the acrylic underneath isn't fully dry. Acrylic that is touch-dry (acrylic has formed a skin, but still isn't dry inside) may take a few weeks to fully cure, especially if it is thick. If applied to touch-dry acrylic, the acrylic underneath will take much longer to dry fully, as it has been sealed, but it should eventually become clear.
Brand Jackson's
Sub Brand Jackson's : Varnishes
To use with Acrylic
Quality Excellent

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