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Made with the finest materials, Jackson’s Handmade Soft Pastels are of the highest professional quality. There are 200 rich and vivid colours in the full Jackson’s Handmade Soft Pastel range, as well as wide array of themed selection sets.

Jackson’s Soft Pastels are handmade, giving them an incredible softness and a smooth ‘buttery’ consistency. Jackson’s hand-rolled pastels are formed with the lightest of touches, so as not to over compress the pastel ingredients. This gentle manufacturing process creates pastels that deposit brighter and more saturated hues. The low binder to pigment ratio of a Jackson’s Handmade Pastel allows for both subtle and bold mark making. The pastels glide smoothly onto paper. The excellent lightfast qualities of Jackson’s Soft Pastels mean that pastel paintings created with them will not deteriorate over time. (The four fluorescent colours are the exception; like all fluorescent colours they are not lightfast.)

Contents Include:

14 x Jacksons Handmade Soft Pastels

1 x Deep Magenta 295
1 x Rose Purple 446
1 x Pink Purple 445
1 x Purple 443
1 x Lilac 294
1 x Lilac Violet 293
1 x Dark Lilac 292
1 x Rose Violet 444
1 x Lilac Pink 298
1 x Light Lilac Pink 277
1 x Pink Beige 407
1 x Violet Pink 408
1 x Pale Portrait Pink 409
1 x Indian Pink 259

Weight 0.2400
Size : ml Regular
Pastel : Stick Size Regular
To use with Pastel
Quality Excellent
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