Jackson's : Water Based Relief Printing Ink 300 ml

Available in Set of 6 & Single.

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Jacksons : Water Based Relief Printing Ink.
This ink is relatively fast drying (30mins approx), easy to clean and is strongly recommended for use in art classes, schools, colleges and workshops.
Jackson's Waterbased Relief Ink is ideal for lino printing as well as relief printing or mono printing.  Made and formulated in the UK to give extended working time, good colour density and excellent transfer properties. Non-toxic and safe for educational use. 
Note: This printing ink remains watersoluble when dry.

To use with Lino & Block Printing
Quality Excellent
Size : ml 300 ml
Review by John
The first time I have tried these printing inks, wonderful , mix well and the 'ketchup type bottles are ideal for getting the right amount out and they don't dry in the tin! good range of colours. (Posted on 15/02/2016)

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