Jakar : Nylon Plastic Palette Knife : Set of 5 in Assorted Shapes


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A set of 5 Jakar nylon palette knives in assorted shapes.

Measurements for the five knives included in this set are as follows.

Knife 1

  • Total length: 17.5cm
  • Length of blade and shank: 8.4cm
  • Length of Blade: 8.4cm
  • Maximum Width of Blade: 3.4cm
  • Handle Length: 9.1cm

Knife 2

  • Total length: 20cm
  • Length of blade and shank: 9.8cm
  • Length of Blade: 6cm
  • Maximum Width of Blade: 1cm
  • Handle Length: 10.2cm

Knife 3

  • Total length: 19.5cm
  • Length of blade and shank: 8.9cm
  • Length of Blade: 4.6cm
  • Maximum Width of Blade: 1.9cm
  • Handle Length: 10.6cm

Knife 4

  • Total length: 16.9cm
  • Length of blade and shank: 8cm
  • Length of Blade: 8cm
  • Maximum Width of Blade: 1.4cm
  • Handle Length: 8.9cm

Knife 5

  • Total length: 18.6cm
  • Length of blade and shank: 9.5cm
  • Length of Blade: 7.4cm
  • Maximum Width of Blade: 1.6cm
  • Handle Length: 9.1cm

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To use with Oil, Acrylic
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